With Brooke Shaden and Kolkata Sanved

In 2013 Brooke Shaden came to India for the first time to take survivors of human trafficking on a photographic journey of flight in storytelling. This is a workshop about finding personal inspiration and how to tell that story through photography .

Each year Brooke works with 10-15 participants per workshop with as many as 10 workshops per year.

As the workshop continues to develop and evolve, we have included as part of the storytelling process, dance movement therapy (DMT). Our participants are able to access their emotions through movement and translate those emotions into a pose which is then expressed through the lens of a camera. We have experienced that the combination of DMT and self portraiture is a very powerful tool for self expression and healing. 

This program is very unique and we have worked with diverse communities including young and old, female and male, as well as with many religous and cultural backgrounds all with a  intention validating and witnessing a human being through the power of self expression through storytelling and the documenting of that story.

 In Brooke's own words:

" The goal is not to document their stories so much, however; the goal is to create a world filled with imagination and hope, so that when they look at their portraits they can see a whole new world for themselves."

Previous workshops have concluded with an exhibition of the participants photographs as well as Brooke’s interpretation of their personal stories through portraiture.