DbD is generally an intensive 3-day concept workshop created by multi-disciplinary American artist Rachel Rosenthal. "Doing by Doing" is the underlying philosophy of the workshop, providing participants with a thorough experience of all aspects of the art of performance using body, voice, sound, music, movement, lights, scenery, props and costumes. The workshop includes exercises, research and improvisation with performances in solos, duets and groups.

The framework of the workshop slowly brings the group towards the creation of small pieces of total choreographic theater, while the format of the workshop opens a safe space for imagination and self expression.

DbD is directed by french artist Nathalie Broizat.

NATHALIE BROIZAT is a choreographer, live performance artist and director of Love Labo. She lived in the United States for 10 years after attending the Laban / Bartenieff Institute in New York as a Fulbright Scholar.

Nathalie returned to France in 2010 where she develops DbDs (Doing by Doing) workshops in the form of a laboratory for artists as well as in educational and humanitarian settings. In 2016, Nathalie and colleague Anne Rebeschini came to Kolkata and worked with the Dance Movement Trainers of Kolkata Sanved as well as with girl survivors of human trafficking at the Sanlaap shelter home. In Spring 2019, they will return to Kolkata to develop a full choreographed performance with Kolkata Sanved as well as offer workshops to survivors and those vulnerable to and recovering from sexual violence.